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 Discover Your 

Mandate, Mantle Ministry!


Do you sense a call of God on your life? 

Is God calling you to be brave in uncharted territory?

Are you being called to be a Kingdom Woman?

Join the Kingdom Woman 5Star Network and discover your Mandate, Mantle and Ministry!

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We offer coaching and mentoring for women ready to break out and discover their mandate, mantle and ministry! It is a Network that not only provides training and development; but also a safe space for women to grow in all areas of their life and find community. 


"KWG-5STAR Network came at a good time for me when you needed to be around strong women encouraging women when you need to have that coaching that will pull you through when you felt like you were all alone the encouragement I received the strength I received and just knowing I didn't have to walk in fear or be beat down by fear the coaching session gave me that pick me up I needed. So grateful I joined  KWG-5STAR Network."
                                                                                                                                                                - Denise Graves
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    Monthly Mentorship developing and strengthen social skills Iron Sharpen Iron Proverbs 27:17
    • Monthly Mentorship
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If your heart is silently searching for someone to help you discover your mandate, mantle and ministry, Patricia Garland has written Kingdom Woman with you in mind. With her unique style of releasing kingdom principles to women, she will serve as your guide to walking you into your call and to be a woman of love, power, glory and influence.​

As Naomi helped Ruth, this book will teach you how to arise as a kingdom woman and occupy your kingdom position of authority. In addition, you will learn how to:

* Recognize and acknowledge the call of God on your life

* Overcome generational curses, fears and rejection...

* How to destroy the traditions of men and religious mindsets concerning women in ministry

* How to be resilient, persevere through tough times of testing

* Fulfill your God-given eternal purpose

Get the Kingdom Woman Book!

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