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God Is Looking for Someone Just Like You–It’s Time to Answer His Call


You were made for more. Do you sense a call of God on your life? Have the mistakes of the past, fears or insecurities created a roadblock that seems like you can never get over? 
Regardless of where you are today, God desires to see you become a catalyst of change to reach the nations and marketplace as part of establishing His dominion in the seven mountains of influence. 


If your heart is aching for more of God that includes discovering your mandate, mantle and ministry, the time is now! Drawing from her personal experience and years of mentoring women from all ages and walks of life, Patricia Garland will be with you every step of the way as you become a woman of power and influence.


As Naomi helped Ruth, Patricia Garland will provide you with insight and instruction as you answer God’s mandate to become more. You’ll also be equipped with the tools to:


  • Recognize and acknowledge the call of God on your life
  • Destroy religious mindsets and traditions 
  • Overcome generational curses, fear, and rejection
  • Persevere through challenging life seasons and testing
  • Fulfill your God-given, eternal purpose


Unlock your kingdom identity and get ready to walk in confidence, virtue, and authority!

Kingdom Woman (E-book) Order on Amazon

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